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Wm. Hou & Willers GmbH & Co.

Our main products are as follows:

  • Rapier Tapes & Grippers for looms/weaving machines in Original Quality
  • Hornbeam Wood for Shuttles
  • HAAG Pickers for all Shuttle looms
  • Temples for all Weaving machines and all kind of fabrics
  • Steel Healds/Heddles from all European manufacturers
  • Rotors, Navels & Twin Disc Tires for SCHLAFHORST spinning machines
  • Wide range of Measuring Instruments
  • Testing & Measuring Instruments for laboratories & productions
  • Electric & Electronic Spare parts
  • Motors from all manufacturers
  • All kinds of European made bearings
  • Electric Motors
  • Gear Motors from all categories
  • ORIGINAL Spare Parts for European Weaving machines
  • ORIGINAL Spare Parts for European Spinning machines
  • ORIGINAL Spare Parts for European Finishing machines

For any further products we would be pleased to get your detailed inquiry.

All our products we are getting & shipping from Europe. Most items are Made in Germany.

Wm. Hou & Willers GmbH & Co. KG,   C O R N E H L S W E G 9A,   22359 Hamburg,
Tel.: ++49-40-5009 1905
Fax: ++49-40-5367504
Our team:
Jan Maehl, Faizal Hamid, Anett Wirsich, Rebecca Seemann, Eva & Jochen Maehl
Managing Director:  Jan Maehl, Dipl.-Ing.

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